When You See Her

Sing her a hero’s song
When you see her..
Play her music only she can understand
And if she cannot feel,
Recite her a soothing poem.
Tell her she is like the spawns grass growing in the cracks of concrete
Tell her that her eyes are shimmering lights in a night-
Long when all other lights are no more.
Tell her that her words are swords and spears,
Than resting in a quiver.
Remind her that she still is the one she now forgets
Remind her that her soft round edges
Her soft smile and her deep sad eyes
Are the reasons why someone makes a silent morning prayer
Whistling and humming a soulful tune when the dew still is.
When you see her,
Remind her that she still is a woman of beauty.

When you see her, tell her am at a loss
Her loneliness is so heavy, I have no clue how to lift it
Her heart is so empty, I have no idea how to fill it.
But when you do find her
Remind her,
Tell her she is the high noon sun
The thorny cactus that ever refuses to dry up
Tell her the wild world in her eyes is the haven I envision.
Show her the last winter leaves and tell her she is they.
Remind her,
Remind her of the great woman she is.

Georginah Ndanu
  • Evans


    February 20, 2019 Reply
    • Georginah Ndanu

      Thank you!

      May 19, 2020 Reply

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