Was It The End Of A Life?

What do I do with these memories?
Long have they been my favourites.
And where do I hide these emotions?
Could I ever run from hearts complications?
Was it the end of a life?
Was it the end of a loves lifetime?
How I heard no clocks chime
To mark the end time
While for the hurt, you gave me no dime.

What will I do with these feelings?
That in my sleep my face’s beaming,
For most times is you am dreaming,
My soul, my body and heart oh so yearning,
For that memory, should come back
Even when the warmth lacks
And the night is oh so dark.

I am waiting in the cold of my bed
In the freezing absence
Of what was your presence.
Come on in, in the high noon of the day
As asses announce with their brays,
Or come in the dead of the night,
When the moon’s high and bright,
And the sky is bright with light,
With the peach tree down with blight.
But first,
Was it the end of a life?

Georginah Ndanu
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