The Mansion

They no longer feel so lifeless
Whisper toxic thoughts that intoxicate
Holding these memories
Sealing them,
Deep beneath the cracks they once peeped through
Smiling upon the very which felt so right
But so wrong as sin
Yet the passions in that mansion
Still ignite my soul,
Still steal my days
Sit still with me, for hours unending.

I pray,
Like the sea weeds
They twine around your ankle when time is gone
And like flowers your memory withers,
Pull you back to the beginning.
And in the sea of million memories
In the darkness of forgetfulness
Even in the cold gloom
In between she and the past that is me
That should you be lost to me
And your heart torn from me,
To find life and live on,
I want these feelings to survive.
May the mansion walls anchor us,
Secretly whisper the old age promise of love.

I close the doors in anticipation
My heart in frenzy
Hands shaking
Unsure of my thoughts
I could not be the woman to resist your charm
Neither can I stop myself trembling from beneath.
For the moments we spoke not
That now seem so eternal and forever
Only but the uuuus and aaaas
I put now on painted canvas and deep in poetry
That should you find meaning,
Embrace the moments.

Wherein I find myself lost
Pined between a past I behold
And a future I must brave
A Lost life and love to make peace with.
I make a hasty silent prayer
In faith your memory will put us back to the realm
There where I know your lips on mine
Where I understand your hands on my thighs
Our world in a world,
Unknown to the world!

Georginah Ndanu
  • Vivian

    Super awesome

    December 21, 2018 Reply
    • Georginah Ndanu

      Thank you!

      May 19, 2020 Reply

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