Maybe it’s the way you understand me even when my ideas do not make sense even to me.
Maybe it’s the way you are calm when you know am being unreasonably angry.
Maybe it’s the way you laugh at my stupid jokes
and say am really crazy and ‘special’ but you still love me all the same.
Maybe it’s how close and tight you hold me even when am trying to fight you.
Maybe it’s how we never run out of of ideas when we are together regardless of how boring others may deem them.
Maybe it’s how we love sharing the same glass of juice with two straws,
because we’d rather start and finish together.
Maybe it’s how much how you understand that I am not a morning person but wake me up anyway to take breakfast that you prepared just to make my morning special.
Maybe it’s because of the way you glow when you do something that makes me smile and almost cry at the same time.
Maybe it’s because there is never a dull moment when we are together.
Maybe it’s the way you already know what I am thinking and, or am about to say before I actually say it.
Maybe it’s the way you know that my life is a poem that you can never decipher but you try anyway.
Maybe it’s because you’d rather spent a lazy afternoon cuddling me than being out with friends for a football match.
Maybe it’s because I know how my skin understands your touch and breathes with every stroke of your hand.
Maybe it’s the way you understand that my silence does not necessarily mean that I am angry but that there are so many stories in my mind trying to find an outlet.
Maybe it’s the way you make me feel safe even when there is nothing to scare.
Maybe it’s because even when you are miles away or just cuddling next to me I miss you just the same, equally.
Maybe it’s the way you inspire my life to be music, a deep orchestra.
Maybe it’s the way you make me want to be an exceptionally better woman than I am.
Maybe it’s how you know and still love the both sides of me, like when am a fierce tough woman and when I’m a baby that just wants to be stroked.
Maybe it’s because the thought of us being apart scares so much more than fighting about life’s trivialities.
But the real reason why I love you is because you are just you in every way possible.

Georginah Ndanu
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