I Found My Voice

Know that I was once lost, in a blue forest
Know that I felt the force of my story
but found no voice to tell it.
And I was so afraid
I replaced my fear with need and want and desire.
I felt the struggle,
When my story crawled and hid in the space between spaces
When my voice sprung up from my toes in laughter,
When it hid behind the veils of my smile
It’s my voice,
I strangled, become blind
And could not witness the most important events of my life!

I found my story painted on the dark chamber walls
Of my heart
Scattered within, beneath and buried.
I found pieces of peace
I found myself beneath the stacks of my old self,
In the deepest alleys of despair,
In the furthest ends and edges,
And beneath my words-
That found their way into my poetry,
I found my first breath
And my eyes opened up like two small butterflies!

Know that I was once lost,
Know that I often felt the story
And knew not, how to tell it.

Georginah Ndanu

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