His Mistress

Who hopes to find water amidst a fire?
To quell a fierce rage, so fiery
Because I,
Start and dance in those fires
No trouble, I get scorched not.

How about we get married,
How about away we get carried,
Intense feelings driving us to such absurdity.

He was desperate,
I was lonely,
And marriage was the only constant
The ending to our unending quest.
The kind of magic that bears no rabbits,
I was a woman with magic between my thighs,
The sky, the stars and a princess in his eyes,
I rolled my tongue and made him so sleepless
And when I turned I dripped honey and sweetness,
My lips spoke softly with this certain easiness,
See, I made me, his greatest weakness,
His loving damsel in distress.

How about we don’t talk about it,
How about we forget about it,
She was an emblem of your past,
Embedded in the corners of your heart.
He was tied to my heart,
My midnight tears, my pain that hurt.
You wanted her back,
He was happy with his new found bud,
But then, how about we don’t talk about it,
How about we just get married
Bridging this darkness.

What he wanted,
What I wanted,
Two strangers, and it felt right,
Two different roads in one night,
Two souls with desire burning so bright,
And we held hands till late
Or we thought we would till dawn.

I was only lonely
In need of no saving
I wanted to be his end
His would be death and greatest regret,
His worst nightmare, his worst mistake,
See, I only wanted to be his mistress.

Georginah Ndanu
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