Dress of desire

I am unclothed except for the dress of desire
I feel your fingers run the edges of my womanhood
Spinning in me an intricate web of lucid lust…
And I call your name, softly, in a rising tempo,
Reciprocal to the vibrations
on the diamond where my thighs meet.
Your touch…
I am freedom in your embrace of skillful fingers.
A fresh stream of warm lush air seeps through your already parted lips
From my navel down and down and down…
I cannot breathe only but gasp
Fearing missing out, on the moments while remembering to breath
with my devilish claws on your sinfully naked back,
You lightly bite my nipple, I smile,
No, no touch
Lips on lips.
Too much hand on hips
And a welcoming scent of desire,
A fountain of readiness,
The warm breathe travels down my luscious body
As I shiver in anticipation,
I am just but ready for you.

Georginah Ndanu
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