Beauty For Sale

It is warm, wet and easy
With a promise of ecstasy.
A promise of leisure
When the arousals demanded pleasure.
The once pretty pink petals
Picked and pricked at a price!
Ravishing strokes of manhood.
Drinking from the nectar fountain.
Once learning to love on the back,
While earning in lust.
Oh the dark alleys, count no street lights.
A home for dark nights
Red lights,
Unromantic for candle lights
Beauty for sale,
And a tale to tell.

I am the kind of woman who loves with eyes closed
I am the kind that loves with open thighs
And laughs with my eyes.
And who cares if I stand and open my legs like an easel
Eagerly waiting for a dripping pen to touch my canvas!
Why do you look at me as if your eyes are making a confession?
Why do you touch me when you know your mind struggles with confusion?
Are your feelings right or is it just an illusion?
And tell me, am I just a distraction,
When you need temporary satisfaction!

Georginah Ndanu
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  • I dugg some of you post as I cerebrated they were very helpful very useful

    February 17, 2023 Reply

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