I’m a poet and a writer based in Nairobi, Kenya who genuinely enjoys the creative process that we collectively refer to as poetry. As a precocious child, I stumbled upon poetry at a very young age and I often felt like I would explode with emotions into words after reading great works from poets like Maya Angelou, Oscar Wilde, Robert Frost, Rumi, Edgar Allan Poe and so poetry became my passion and my first love, so whether I am exploring the traditional form of poetry or describing the world in the contemporary form, capturing emotions is the most vital aspect of my work. Like Robert Frost says;

Poetry is when emotion has found its thought, and thought has found words.

I believe the world needs a different set of eyes, a different way to view issues, a different approach to solutions. And so, I feel compelled to use poetry as a platform for social justice issues.
The beauty of channeling emotions into words is that we can all find a reflection of ourselves in the poems.

Georginah Ndanu

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